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Updating videos

April 7, 2014

I’ve been working on re-rendering all videos in new, HTML5-friendly formats so you guys can view them on all sorts of devices.

I’ve done about 80% (my estimate) so most of them should be working fine now! :)

Please don’t forget to use the rating of videos, so we know what you like the most!

Flu and Fiber

March 25, 2014

We’re back! After a couple of weeks with passing the flu back and forth, we’re finally getting better.

Another good news is that we just got fiber connection to Internet, which means that the updating with previously published videos in new formats for all sorts of platforms (iPad, Android, iPhone, OSX etc…) will be going a lot faster. It takes me 20 seconds to upload the new versions, instead of the entire night! ;D

I got a new video coming up soon. And with a new graphics card soon installed, the rendering will be going faster as well.

Less waiting for you and less work time for me, which means more videos faster! ;)

I hope you’re all enjoying our content, and let me know what you like and what you want to see more of!